Dancing On Ice’s real-life couples – proposals, babies and painful splits

Dancing On Ice’s real-life couples – proposals, babies and painful splits

It’s no surprise that Dancing On Ice stars inevitably couple up on the show given the gruelling hours they spend training with their pro partners.

The stars have to spend day after day up close with their partners and many – similar to Strictly Come Dancing – end up falling in love.

However, like many love stories, some end in painful splits while others remain happily married.

Thanks to their time on the ice, 2020 contestant Kevin Kilbane proposed to his partner Brianne Delcourt after just three months of knowing each other.

It’s time to take a little trip down the show’s icy lanes and see which couples hit it off – and who just wasn’t meant to be.

Brianne Delcourt and Kevin Kilbane

The adorable couple met on the 2020 series, and former footballer Kevin and Canadian skate Brianne had chemistry like no other.

Both confirmed they were together in January 2020, before Kevin got down on one knee and proposed to her in early February that same year.

The 39-year-old ice queen took to Instagram to share the news and wrote: “He was worth the wait. Kev, you’ve made me the happiest girl in the world. You’re my fairytale ending.”

They had only known each other for three months, but that didn’t stop the footie star from moving in with the skater and her three-year-old daughter.

Since lockdown began, they have got married and even welcomed their first child together – Olivia Mai Kilbane.

Previously Brianne has found many romantic connections on the ITV show, beginning from the first year she appeared on the show.

Although she was partnered with Kieron Richardson in 2010, the skater found love with former Coronation Street actor Danny Young – who was partnered with Frankie Poultney at the time.

The Corrie star moved in with her, but their time came to an end after the show’s live tour finished.

Just one year on, Brianne was partnered with former EastEnders actor Sam Attwater and the two immediately had eyes for only each other. They publicly announced their love for each other but were accused of creating the romance to garner attention.

Pictures even emerged of Sam apparently kissing another skater from the show. The star claimed the photo was taken out of context, but the couple called a quick end to their relationship.

For series eight, another EastEnder – Matt Lapinskas – showed his interest in the figure skater after the two were paired together.

Matt was dating his Albert Square co-star Shona McGarty at the time, so he and Brianne denied any rumours they were together.

They finally revealed they got together after the show finished but insisted it was after Matt became single.

The duo moved in with each other, but it was short-lived as Matt was seen with a new theatre co-star, leaving Brianne heartbroken.

She told The Sun at the time: “He pursued me behind Shona’s back. Lots of people warned me but I didn’t listen.

“I’ve stood by and lied for him about when we got together as I loved him and didn’t want to hurt Shona.”

Vanessa Bauer and Wes Nelson

Wes Nelson rose to fame after appearing on Love Island in 2018. When he started his stint on Dancing On Ice, the See Nobody singer was still dating Megan Barton-Hanson.

However, the saucy dance routines resulted in rocky relationships as professional skater Vanessa Bauer split from her boyfriend. Wes and Megan’s fighting was even said to have been sparked by the amount of time he was spending in training.

His and Vanessa’s so-called relationship was never officially confirmed, but that didn’t stop fans from thinking otherwise.

Frankie Poultney and David Seaman

England goalkeeper David Seaman and pro skater Frankie Poultney were put together on the show in 2008 but were both married at the time.

After the show was done, both of their marriages ended.

The live tour helped Frankie and David fall in love and the duo ended up getting married in 2015.

Sylvain Longchambon and Jennifer Metcalfe

Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe met professional skater Sylvian Longchambon when they were partnered in 2011. It was reported that the two dated for about a year before Sylvian broke up with her on Christmas Day.

A year later, he went on to date his future wife, Samia Ghadie.

Sylvain Longchambon and Samia Ghadie
When the Coronation Street actress appeared on Dancing On Ice in 2013, she was still dating her co-star Will Thorp.

Furthermore, when Sylvian and Samia met, he was still dating Jennifer.

Once filming for the series finally began, both broke up with their partners and by the end of the series, the two finally got together.

They even got hitched in 2016 and share a son together.

Christopher Dean and Karen Barber

The two weren’t contestants on the show, but the duo’s relationship is still as sweet as ever. Ice-skating legend Christopher Dean and DOI coach Karen Barber are currently in a relationship.

He split from his ex-wife Jill Trenary in 2010, and began dating Karen a year later.