Mum of man brutally murdered in violent family fight says she ‘lost her world’

Mum of man brutally murdered in violent family fight says she ‘lost her world’

A grieving mum whose son was murdered by his cousin in a violent family fight said she has lost ‘her world’ following his ‘shattering death’.

Devastated Sajeda Butt paid a heartbreaking tribute to Mazammal Mahmood Butt as Mobeen Shahzad, who was also his brother-in-law, was jailed for life for his murder on Friday.

Mazammal died after he was stabbed by the 28-year-old in a car park in Birmingham on November 17, 2019.

Shahzad’s wife Sheridan Fitzsimmons had fuelled the flames of simmering family tensions and encouraged him to attack Mr Butt, even allegedly saying the chilling words ‘finish him’, the court heard during the trial.

Ms Butt described her son’s death as ‘shattering’ and also revealed the impact it has had on his wife Madihya, whose life is now ‘incomplete’.

In a statement she sent to Birmingham Live, she also says she is struggling to resume her daily life and suffers sleepless night.

She said: “I am the mother of Mazammal Butt who was our world and was known to most as ‘Zammy’. He still remains in our thoughts and heart and there is not a second that goes by where we don’t think of him.

“As a mother it has been extremely difficult to resume my daily life and do not know how to carry on with sleepless nights and mind replaying over and over what my son must have gone through when he was murdered. Not being with him and not being able to protect him.

“The day I heard the news of his death I was in Pakistan and I could not accept that Zammy was dead.

“A few days before my return home I spoke to Zammy on the phone and told him that I would be home soon and did not expect to return to his body in my arms.

“It kills me every day that I could not protect my son I have lost my world and the whole family has lost their light.

“He was a role model to his younger siblings who he has now been taken from.

“The three children are the sole reason I carry on, my mind, body and soul cannot accept that my son has been taken from me even though it has been over a year now. I expect my son to walk through the door and wrap his arms around me and kiss me on the cheek but I know that this will never happen.

“I am trying my best to keep the family together I do not show them how much I am hurting and cry when I am alone. Our lives have changed and will never be the same again.

“We are very proud to have had Zammy as part of our life, he was a beautiful son brother, friend, grandchild, uncle and husband.

“No parent should have to lose their child in this heart-shattering way. His memories will be cherished and will live in our hearts forever and we will never stop praying for him.

“His wife, she has lost her husband and they had so many plans for the future together. These plans have died along with him and they had planned to buy a house and have children together. Zammy was caring and considerate and would ask if she needed anything even to the point where he would check that she had eaten.

“She had a secure, safe life without any worries with Zammy and would spend time at home together and go for walks. Madihya has trouble sleeping and is always crying without Zammy by her side and her life has changed and her heart is shattered by her brother; the one person she should have been able to trust.

“Her life has changed, she has been left with no security, no children and no husband and now incomplete.

“I know he is now in the highest ranks of heaven and he will rest in peace.”

Coventry Crown Court heard in the days leading up to Mr Butt’s death insults exchanged between both couples had caused ‘all hell to break loose’ within the family.

But the war of words was also the culmination of tensions which had been simmering for months.

One major bone of contention, particularly with Fitszimmons, was the fact Mr Butt and his wife lived in the flat above the family business Mazammal Halal Meats, run by Shahzad, with their rent and bills covered by income from the butchers.

In July 2019 police were called to a family fight in the premises, supposedly born out of a row over Mr Butt’s standards of work.

But in the November that year matters escalated to new levels when Fitzsimmons made an allegation about Mr Butt which sparked a showdown confrontation between the couples in the shop on Saturday, November 16.

Shahzad launched a mop at Mr Butt and called him a ‘b ** ‘. Mrs Mazammal returned the foul-mouthed insult but extended it to her, Shahzad and their children.

The following day Fitzsimmons attended the shop to collect some meat for dinner before the two couples found themselves rowing and fighting with each other in the car park where Mr Butt was fatally stabbed.

Shahzad from Lozells, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 23 years.

Fitszimmons was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to 10 years, of which she will serve two thirds in custody.