Mystery banner saying ‘Sally messed up’ leaves passers-by desperate for answers

Mystery banner saying ‘Sally messed up’ leaves passers-by desperate for answers

A mystery banner that has appeared by a roadside has left passers-by desperate for answers.

The sign, which reads, ‘Sally messed up and she’s so sorry’ was put up on a street in Perry Barr, a suburban area in north Birmingham.

The cryptic nature of the message sent social media into a frenzy when pictures of the banner started to appear on Tuesday 9 March.

It has led to speculation both in the area and online about what the message could possibly be referring to.

One social media user said: “Sally, we’re invested, what you done bab?”

While another wrote: “Please please please tell us – we all need to know!”

And a third added: “I wonder what Sally has done.”

The fourth determined truthseeker said: “She didn’t even make this herself…on behalf of Sally…”

One neighbour, Brian Webster, 45, told The Sun : “I didn’t see who put it up and whether it was a woman or not.

“This is quite a close knit community but I don’t know of a woman called Sally who lives nearby. But whatever she’s done, she’s obviously very sorry for. It takes some guts to display an apology like that so publicly.”

Another resident, Jessica Jackson, 29, added: “I want to know what she’s done, everyone has been talking about it but nobody knows who she is so it’s a complete mystery to everyone around here. It’s quite a busy road so maybe she has put it up on her boyfriend or husband’s route to work.

“That’s just assuming it’s a man who she is apologising to, it could be a friend, a work colleague or anything.”

Sadly no-one has any answers and the sign has since been taken down.